Lester Listening to God on Father’s Day

I opened up the church Father’s Day and God put it on my heart to sit out front and play the guitar and sing. I have learned the hard way to act on whatever God lays on my heart. Recently, I was leaving the hospital because visiting hours were over and God told me to call a friend that was going to meet me at the hospital so I could give him a tire tube to fix. I ignored Him and should have gotten the message when I got off the elevator He told me to go back and get the tube. As soon as I got home the friend was coming to get the tube(I said sorry God, I will listen better from now on). I had to go back to the hospital the next day and travel quite a bit on the moped to drop off the tube to the friend. God has made it easy for us, He doesn’t ask us to listen to the 2nd or 3rd still small voice, but the 1st one. So next time I hear from Him, I will obey.

Back at church I tried my best to play the out of tune guitar and sing some hymns. I attracted some attention to the passers by but was not sure if they liked it or not because their comments were in Swedish and I’m still learning. Later on a guy approached me while I was playing and said “Do you know that your guitar is out of tune?” I said yes but was having trouble tuning it and if he knew how. He said yes, tuned it and it sounded like a totally different guitar. He started playing and singing some John Denver songs. I said your pretty good and that we’d love to have him play in our praise band. He said he has played in several churches because they have great acoustics, but he wasn’t a “church person”. I said you don’t have to be a church person and you are always welcome to join us even if just to hear the music.

I gave him our card from church that has our contact info on it and asked him to call anytime. I’m hoping to see him again soon and play the guitar with him. He told me he played BB Kings guitar many years ago at a jazz festival here in Umea. I said wow “The king of blues”.

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