Angele makes us some ‘zwoe’


We stopped by one afternoon to see how Angele was coming along with her pregnancy. Her belly looked a lot bigger than a couple of weeks ago. She offered to make us a quick snack from her home country, Togo, called *zwoe’. You can find the recipe on youtube by typing *zwoe*. It consists of peanut butter,flour,ginger,cloves,cayenne pepper and was delicious. It can go great with bread and jelly.

Angele has been helping us by preparing some material for arts and crafts that Elbita will do with some of the ladies one day. On that day we discussed some baby names and she showed us a list that are suggestions for the parents in Togo. Each name has a different meaning and most are ‘spiritual’ in nature and some for the day they were born. We are standing by and ready to take care of Geordy when the new baby comes.

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