Lunch with Marcus

our host explaining about Hong Kong cuisine
Marcus explaining how to make Tum Yum
spices and seasonings
adding onions in the wok
In action
seasoning the Tum Yum
ready to serve
Tum Yum ready to eat
tea after lunch

Our friend, Marcus, from the Home group invited us to his home for lunch today. He prepared a dish from his home country, Hong Kong, called Tum Yum. It consists of fresh noodles, onions,mushrooms,coconut milk,ginger, lemongrass,red peppers,Tum Yum ‘paste’ and fresh thyme. When we arrived we were presented with a very nice table setting, linen tablecloth, cobalt blue plates and light blue glasses. He showed us to his kitchen where he was preparing one of his favorite dishes. He told us of the importance of eating this dish as soon as it has been cooked.

Most of the ingredients were ‘fresh’, including pinched thyme leaves on the meal from a small pot. He cooked this meal on a wok. We had flavored water with our meal and then enjoyed some hot tea afterwards. Marcus is a very humble person, even though he has a PhD in agriculture. He is on the technical crew at church and comes to our son’s home group every Thursday night. Thanks for a wonderful lunch Marcus!

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