Thank you for your prayers

Umea hospital
View from hospital room
Welcome gift
View from our room at home

We thank God for all your prayers while I was in the hospital. My body was retaining fluid so we decided to go to the local clinic to get it checked. The doctors sent Elbita to the emergency room at Umea hospital to undergo several tests to identify the cause. To our surprise, she was admitted to the cardiology floor and we waited until they were able to do a heart catherization to determine how her heart was working. They determined that the heart was stable and working fine, but changed some of her medications and will have her come back for an ultrasound of her hip, as soon as they have an opening to do one. We were blessed that the doctor in charge of her care occasionally preaches at a local church in Umea and speaks fluent Spanish. (God takes care of the little details to bless us).

We noticed here that the patient is encouraged to eat in a common meal room that serves ‘healthy’ food options. In the morning,a typical swedish breakfast is available self serve style. A menu is provided to choose your lunch and dinner that the staff prepares and serves. Fika is available every afternoon. If you choose to, you can have your meals served in your room. All the staff was willing to make the effort to speak English and was very thoughtful. We made sure to thank everyone for all their help.

The beautiful orchid was a welcome gift from the pastor and his wife on behalf of the Birch church. It reminds us of the beauty of God’s creation.

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