Lunch with Arto


Bakfickan(‘back pocket’) is a place in downtown Umeå that provides breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday, all year long to anyone with alcohol, drug problems or do not have good finances, Local restaurants donate most of the food and the city also helps fund this important project. The picture on the right is our walk with Arto from the bus stop to eat lunch here. The middle picture is us eating lunch with a picture of the ‘founder’ of Bakflickan (‘Lars-Eric Åhlen,known as Larson’). A buffet is set up with a hot meal, water and coffee and there were 3 staff members who replenished the food and kept the place clean. People could also take some bread and sandwiches home with them if they were available.

Arto, a church member, took us here to show us where to share God’s love.

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