Today we split up the work: Lester went to pick up a church member at the airport and Elbita went to help Casper’s mom with some house chores, because she had hip surgery 2 months ago and then shared with her about her recovery from hip replacement. We had the opportunity a couple of days later to mend some clothes and do some work outside.

We gave a new testament to Casper’s mom and he immediately sat down pretending to read it. She was running around after him to get it and told him it was for mommy. She pointed out to him all of his books and he grabbed one and came back to her and tried to exchange it for her new testament( we all laughed). We had some quality time fellowshipping with them and then Casper’s dad cooked us a delicious salmon dinner.(It was salmon on top of butter with leeks, dill, and mushroom butter on top with fresh sweet potatoes all around cooked over charcoal).

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